Submit Your Site to The Best CSS Galleries

You have spent some time creating a great website design, now you need some traffic, links, and exposure! Getting your site listed on CSS Galleries can do just that for you. Submit your site to the best CSS Galleries and watch the traffic flow in if you get approved.

How can you know which CSS Galleries are the best?

There are a couple factors to consider:

  • How much traffic does each gallery get? More traffic to the gallery means more traffic to your site if your website design is approved.
  • What is the Google pagerank of each gallery? This helps you understand the “authority” of the gallery and how much a link is worth to you form the gallery. The higher the pagerank, the more “juice” will be passed to your site if it is approved.

An easy way to check the pagerank is to head over to the CSS Gallery List, because they list the pagerank of each CSS Gallery they feature, and they feature all the best galleries.

For traffic it’s a bit more difficult to determine, but you can check the Alexa rank of each website and that will give you an estimate. You can use a browser plugin to display Alexa ranks of any website you visit. Lower Alexa ranks are better, so a gallery with an Alexa rank of 10,000 is better than a gallery with an Alexa rank of 250,000.

Want to get your website submitted to all the best galleries in less than 24 hours? Head over to The CSS Gallery List for their CSS Gallery Submission package. It costs only $20 and they do an excellent job.

Another similar service is Gallery Rush, that costs $25 and submits to a few more galleries.

Doing it by hand works great too, but after about 10 submissions you will see the value in these sites that can submit for you in exchange for a small fee.

What CSS3 Will Bring

All-New Border Fun — An entire alien fleet has called off its long-planned invasion of Earth because it heard that CSS3 is implementing the border-radius expression to finally give us rounded borders. Additionally, we’ll be able to use gradients (as well as a box shadow effect that doesn’t require some potentially messy CSS tricks) and graphics for our boxes and borders.

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes! — you know you want to re-size elements. You’ve probably already done it, in a hacky/ backdoor kind of way. But resize will be fully legal, moral, vertical, horizontal, and also be able to specify max-width to keep the layout intact. On a less-controversial note, box-sizing will let you specify whether the stated size of a box will include the border and padding, or have the border and padding added to it.

Speaking of boxes, wouldn’t you love to have a one-step multi-column layout? I knew you would. just define column-width and column-count (and put something between them with column-gap and column-rule (the latter inserts a solid line between the columns, the former a nice white space as wide as you like).

Blending into the Background — how about being able to specify if you want your background to go all the way to the edge of the border, to the padding, or only the content area? For even more control, you’ll use background-size to set the image to a percentage of the box. And if you’re just hopelessly indecisive, how about multiple background images on any single element?

The Colors, Children, the Colors! – okay, so RGB and hex colors give you gazillions of possible colors. CSS3 doesn’t think that’s enough; in fact, HSL (hue, saturation, and lightness) colors will be implemented, as well as OPACITY (I’m yelling because it’s so important). Both RGB and HSL will get an additional letter (A for Alpha, because RGBO and HSLO just don’t sound as good).

Everybody Loves Text Effects — except me. I’ve always found them gimmicky and tacky. However, even I can see the potential for a nice little drop shadow here and there, or even more creative effects by the 0.0001% of users with taste and creativity.

Miscellaneous (AKA Boring but Very Useful) — such as word-wrap, a Microsoft contribution (no, really!) which breaks long words to fit into the box provided. Trust me, it will change the way you think about everything forever. So will Media Queries, which will allow you to deliver the same content with different stylesheets, each optimized for different views (i.e., web vs. mobile, or even for varying screen resolutions).

The Ultimate List

We all know that Css Galleries are great for improving your website’s traffic and pagerank. However, with so many around these days it can be a massive, time-consuming task submitting your website over and over again. That’s where we come in…

We have compiled a list of every regularly updated Css Gallery AND linked directly to their submission pages to take all the time and effort of submitting your website.

We have tested an average of approx 30 minutes to submit to all of them, a fraction of the time it would take you otherwise!
30 Minutes Submission Time!

•    Boxed Css | Submit Page | Alexa: 100,516
•    Best Web Gallery | Submit Page | Alexa: 28,860
•    Css 2.0 | Submit Page | Alexa: 146,497
•    Css Artillery | Submit Page | Alexa: 148,361
•    Css Band | Submit Page | Alexa: N/A
•    Css Based | Submit Page | Alexa: 87,589
•    Css Beauty | Submit Page | Alexa: 22,044
•    Css Clip | Submit Page | Alexa: 122,760
•    Css Collection | Submit Page | Alexa: 197,565
•    Css Container | Submit Page | Alexa: 431,106
•    Css Creme | Submit Page | Alexa: 59,235
•    Css Daddy | Submit Page | Alexa: 251,555
•    Css-Design-Yorkshire | Submit Page | Alexa: 287,684
•    Css Drive | Submit Page | Alexa: 22,763
•    Css Em | Submit Page | Alexa: 368,449
•    Css Glance | Submit Page | Alexa: 188,097
•    Css Heaven | Submit Page | Alexa: 90,604
•    Css Hive | Submit Page | Alexa: 327,985
•    Css Import | Submit Page | Alexa: 115,927
•    Css Impress | Submit Page | Alexa: 282,027
•    Css Leak | Submit Page | Alexa: 489,150
•    Css Love | Submit Page | Alexa: 614,893
•    Css Mania | Submit Page | Alexa: 12,917
•    Css Snap | Submit Page | Alexa: 380,963
•    Css Star | Submit Page | Alexa: 290,830
•    Css Vault | Submit Page | Alexa: 45,613
•    Css-Warfare | Submit Page | Alexa: N/A
•    Css-Website | Submit Page | Alexa: 150,147
•    Css Zone | Submit Page | Alexa: 631,032
•    Daily Slurp | Submit Page | Alexa: 173,843
•    Dark-i | Submit Page | Alexa: 304,925
•    Design Creme | Submit Page | Alexa: 523,932
•    Design Expanse | Submit Page | Alexa: 531,762
•    Designs Creme | Submit Page | Alexa: 476,731
•    Design Shack | Submit Page | Alexa: 68,887
•    Design Snips | Submit Page | Alexa: 468,389
•    Genuine Style | Submit Page | Alexa: 500,244
•    Inspiration King | Submit Page | Alexa: 413,481
•    Lookom | Submit Page | Alexa: 530,714
•    Nice StyleSheet | Submit Page | Alexa: 762,742
•    One Star Gallery | Submit Page | Alexa: 844,318
•    Screenalicious | Submit Page | Alexa: 91,451
•    Siti Web Design Gallery | Submit Page | Alexa: 317,295
•    Style Gala | Submit Page | Alexa: 36,454
•    The Best Designs | Submit Page | Alexa: 69,812
•    Css Thesis | Submit Page | Alexa: 571,619
•    Unmatched Style | Submit Page | Alexa: 74,695
•    Web Creme | Submit Page | Alexa: 24,392
•    Dimix Web Gallery | Submit Page | Alexa: 1,291,619
•    Website-Gallery | Submit Page | Alexa: 135,719